Why We Exist

In a world where there are so many opinions about things, it is important to know the truth. Aletheia means truth! This is a safe place where you can ask important questions about the Christian faith and find answers, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. 

We are passionate about knowing, living and sharing the truth - which Jesus said will set you free.  We want you and your family to feel comfortable to come as you are when you’re at Aletheia. We're Baptist in our beliefs but not in our traditions. 

What if there was a church where...
You could come and be accepted as you are
It's ok to ask honest questions - no question is silly
You can come as you are but you don't stay that way
You don't have to be like us to be welcome
You can belong before you believe, but you come to believe.

Well there is - Aletheia! Come and visit us! 

Sundays @ 1050a

Aletheia Church

8378 Blackmon Rd

Columbus, Georgia